Sunday, December 21, 2014

Instagram Wall

Sometimes you just need to re-arrange your place to give it a new "feel" or "flow" to it.  In my case it was after a breakup and I desperately needed some new positive energy in my apartment, which I found by re-arranging my furniture.  The only bad part about doing that is that somethings on the wall can't move with the furniture. The art piece I had above my bed is securely fastened and cannot be moved (so a certain cat would not hit it and have it fall on me while I was sleeping) so when I moved my bed I had to come up with a new art project to go there.

As you can see it looks a little bland above my bed now

So naturally I went to Pinterest to find inspiration!  The only down fall was that I really needed to do this project on a budget - I was hoping for $25 or less.  I found some really really cool ideas but the two that I really gravitated towards were these two from Gimme Some Oven and A Beautiful Mess.  The problem with the one from Gimme Some Oven was the frames were so EXPENSIVE and I wanted to get it done the next day.  So I took inspiration from A Beautiful Mess and tried to do what they did - the only problem with this one was that I felt they did not give good enough instructions on how to do it.  Me, being my crafty self, decided to take a whirl at it and decided to do it!

There are a lot of place you can get your Instragram pictures printed.  But I was on a time crunch and I found a coupon for Walgreens and was able to get 60 4x4 pictures printed for about $18.  (Bonus - they were done within hours!)  It was really easy with Walgreens, you just link up your Instagram account to your Walgreens account and pick which ones you wanted printed and you were done!

I picked up some Scotch Removable Mounting Squares from Michaels.  (I got two packs for pretty cheap because I had a 50% off one item coupon)  There was not a lot of options for temporary mounting of pictures so I thought I would try these - also there is 64 in a pack which was a lot!  I got some plain old blue painters tape from Walmart because it was by FAR the cheapest! (It was maybe $1.50 there unlike the $3.50 it was at Michaels)

After you get your pictures and your supplies, I then laid out how I wanted the pictures on my floor so when I was ready to put them up all I had to do was pick them up and put them up.

Next I went to my bed and did a lot of trial and error on how to get the photos on there in the center and even with my bed frame and wall.  Finally I figured out a good system - These are the things I had to figure out in order to get started:

- With 60 photos I had enough room to do 6 rows of 10 pictures
- Figured out the measurement on how much space 10 photos took up with having one piece of tape between them
- I then took that measurement and subtracted it from how long my bed frame was and took the difference and divided it by two and that is where I would start the photos from 
- I also figured out how much length 6 pictures took up and subtracted that from the amount of wall space I had available to figure out where to start them from the top

Eventually I took one row of pictures and rolled a piece of painters tape on the back and started putting tape on the wall for the top and sides.  It looked a little something like this:

From there I moved the pictures down a row and placed tape on the sides and bottom and continued down. 

I did this until I had a spot for every picture.  Now all I had to do was to put the pictures in their place and did not have to worry about the spacing.

 I decided to put two mounting squares on each picture.  (If you decide to just put one in the center than you can get away with having one pack of the mounting strips)  I switched off which corners they were in every other picture.

After you have all of the pictures up all you have to do is remove the painters tape and you are DONE!

Overall this project took a few hours and it cost me about $20!  I am really happy with this project because I get to see my Instagram pictures, it was a cheap project, and it adds SO much color to the room!

Hopefully this post gives you some inspiration on how to do a cheap project that will liven up a room!  I know this must be an easier way to do this project - but hey this is how it worked for me.  If you try it and have a better/easy way to do it or things that worked for you let me know!  

Happy Crafting!


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