Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dollar Store!

I saw a post on Pinterest the other day about things you should and should not buy at the Dollar Store - I thought it was a great post!  I myself go to the Dollar Store more often than I thought I ever would!  In my younger days I thought it made me look cheap or poor, but now I think it makes me look smart!  As a single gal trying to budget, shopping at the Dollar Store is a great thing!  Why pay $4 for a thing of baggies when I can get the same thing but for $1!

So the last time I was shopping I decided to take some pictures of things that I buy on a pretty frequent basis or things I now usually buy from there.

You can get 6 clothes hangers for $1 - that makes each hanger .16 cents!

I don't have kids or usually have to clean up real messy things so these off brand paper towels and napkins work great!

I love buying cards from the Dollar Store!  They are cute and you can get some really nice ones - best part is they are TWO for a $1!

I now only buy gift bags and wrapping paper from the Dollar Store.  They have a great selection and I don't feel like wrapping a gift costs as much as the present!

I have a cat, which means I have a litter box.  Air fresheners are something I need!  Again the Dollar Store pulls through and for a $1 I can make that closet smell like an Apple Orchard instead of poo.

Same brand as the grocery stores - but a heck of a lot cheaper!  I used to only use baggies when I absolutely needed them because I hated how much they were.  Now since I can get them for a $1 I don't feel guilty when I use them!  (Side note: Don't get the "Sandwich" baggies they are very thin - keep to the storage ones)

Reynolds Wrap is about $3 at Walmart - here it is the same thing for $1!

Lets say you are going to a party and you are bringing some food, but you really don't want to use one of your nice plates.  Go to the Dollar Store and get a plate that will get the job done for $1!  And this way if you end up leaving before the party is done you won't feel bad leaving the plate there.

In college I acquired most of my tupperware through thievery - what I mean is if people gave me food to bring home their tupperware didn't usually make it back to them…(Sorry Mom!)

The Dollar Store has some great choices for good tupperware!  If you are sending cookies to a deployed solider you can spend more on the cookies and not have to worry about spending too much for the tupperware!

I have a dishwasher so I don't tend to use dish soap that often, so I really could not justify pay $3-$4 for it.  But for $1 I can use all my hearts desire when I do have to hand wash things!  (Side note:  Stick to the name brands on dish soap.  The off brands here don't work as well) 

So whether you are a college student living on next to nothing or just someone who is trying to live on a budget to save money, the Dollar Store is a GREAT place to go!  Its a great feeling when you go to the check out and the 10 items you got comes to $10 and not $30!  Happy Shopping!

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