Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dang you Pinterest!

O Pinterest why do you put ideas in my head?  I was supposed to be falling asleep but instead I was browsing Pinterest and found a pin on "DIY Maxi Skirts" (here is the blog the pin went to:…Its like a short person's dream to have a full length skirt that actually fits!!!  I didn't really have any plans for my Sunday - so dress making it was!

Am I a great sewer?  Nope.  Am I an average sewer?  Not really…that would be pushing it.  Am I a beginner sewer with a sewing machine?  Bingo!  Actually the dresses where not that hard to construct (w/ a lil phone help from my mom who does sew), but making them fit just right seemed to be my problem.  I made one skirt a bit small and the other one a bit big.  Here they are:

The one that was a lil big, I took in a little bit (the top picture) so it is now wearable.  I am excited to wear it tomorrow to work!

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  1. I love them! I really like the solid blue with the yellow elastic. Great color blocking! Thanks for the shout out! :)

  2. Thank you!! I have received a lot of compliments when I wear them and I always send them to your site!

  3. Very cute! I found you through Sheena's blog actually and you did a great job! Im a beginner at sewing also, just leargning and have accomplished a few simple bag projects but because Im also short and can never find a maxi skirt that fits just right, I started trying to find some tutorials to help me and found Sheena (one of the easiest tutorials I found and cute skirts!-Thanks Sheena) then found you who gave me hope, a 5 foot tall skirtless, beginning sewer trying to put my un-used sweing machine to work! LOL. Much love thanks!

  4. Thank you Christina! I hope the skirt works out for you! One suggestion I would give is measure you butt and your waist - my bum is not as small as my waist was so I had to make sure that I had a lil more room in that section. I love having a Maxi Skirt just my size now : )