Sunday, March 18, 2012

Training - Week 2

I have been training for about 2 weeks now for my 1/2 marathon and everything seems to be going great!  For my longer runs I have been at 10:30 per mile and for my shorter runs I have been at 10 min per mile.  I have been feeling really good after all of my long runs and feel like I could go on for longer!  And this morning I actually cut a minute off my 3 mile run!

The other day I was going to my friends the Foo's house and decided to see how far my house was from theres, out of curiosity.  I was stunned - it was exactly 13.1 miles!!!!  Sh**.  It takes me about 20 minutes to drive that, how am I going to RUN that!!  Don't worry it didn't dismay me too much.  I am still loving training and as soon as the nice weather comes and this wind goes away I will be outside as much as possible!

My sister had texted me this picture awhile ago, since I run, and I am pretty sure I am the bottom picture!  Thanks Tamara!!

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