Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1/2 Marathon…Who Me?!?!?!

I entered my name in a drawing a few weeks ago at an event I was volunteering at to win a free entry to race in the Ogden Marathon or Half Marathon.  The Ogden Marathon is supposed to be a fantastic race to participate in and the race sold out in a matters of hours.  So I thought why not put my name in the hat to see if I win?  Now how many drawings do you enter your name in and you don't win - a lot!  Well sure enough I was picked as their winner!!  Awesome - right?!  But..O wait…THAT MEANS I HAVE TO RUN A HALF MARATHON!  The race in on May 19th - that's not quite 10 weeks!

I have been running over the last year and a half but the most I have ever ran was 5-6 miles.  A half marathon is 13.1 miles.  Today I went to a girl in my office, Emy, who has ran multiple full marathons and asked her if 10 weeks was enough to start training and she said absolutely!  She said it won't be as bad because I do run already.  She was also kind enough to offer to make me a training schedule!  So hopefully with the Emy and some determination and will power on my part I will be able to not only run a half marathon, but finish!

There you have it.  Half marathon..YES ME!  I will start training next week (I have a pretty nasty cold right now and just breathing seems to be a success) and am looking forward to not only working towards this goal but achieving it as well!

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