Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to...

I have been trying a lot of different kinds of recipes lately and one thing that I have used in a few recipes is roasted peppers.  Instead of buying them from the store I looked up a few different sites and figured out how to roast them myself.  I was telling my Ma about how much I liked them and she said that she had never roasted a pepper and didn't really know how.  So here Ma this is for you!

I like to use yellow and red peppers (they usually add a nice punch of color to a dish).  

Cut the peppers into smaller pieces and clean out the seeds and cut out the white membrane.  Next get out a cookie sheet and put foil on it and I usually spray a lil Pam on there to make sure they don't stick.  Put the pieces, skin side up, on a pan.  The peppers should lay flat - if needed feel free to push down with your hand on them to flatten them out. 

I put them on the top rack of my oven, closest to the broiler.  Broil the peppers for about 5-12 minutes.  Keep an eye on them.  You want them to get a nice even "burnt" look.

The peppers should look something like this when they are done.

Take the peppers and peel off the skin.  Some pieces are tougher than others and you might have to work on them.

When the peppers are are peeled they should be squishy/soft and taste delicious!  You can use them in a recipe right then or put them in the fridge for later use.

I hope this "How too..." helped you understand how to roast peppers via your broiler!  Now its up to you what you do with them!  (Hint - They taste great on sandwiches or stuffed in some chicken)

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