Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sometimes being picky pays off...

I am extremely picky at somethings - including picking out an iPhone case.  When I bought my phone I just picked up a case at the store and thought no big deal I could find one that I actually liked in no time.  Well I have had my iPhone for almost 6 months now and still no dice on finding a case I liked.  So I searched online because I was determined to find one I liked, but after hours of searching I could not find a case that said 'Lindsay'.

Then I found and saw for the same price of a pre-designed iPhone case you could design your own!  YAY!!!!!!  So I went in and played around with their 'I Make My Case' application  and really dug the Shadow Chen designs.  I designed my case, ordered it and 4 days later it was waiting for me in my mailbox!  Here is my new iPhone case:

I have had it a few days and so far I am really happy with it!  The site was really easy to use and the product is up to my standards (looks good and durable) - I would recommend them.  You can use your own photos or graphics on the Web site too, you don't have to use the graphics they provide you.   I thought this was a good deal and a great buy so I thought I would share! 

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